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Building a foundation and accelerating growth for a biopharma startup

Case Study

The client

Health Mavens (HM) was approached by a biopharma health tech company with the challenge to build a foundation for brand awareness, engagement and lead generation in the highly competitive world of drug discovery and development.


The company was a new market entrant, with a startup sense of urgency. Comprised of small, disparate businesses, products, and brands, there was little market awareness of each and no overall awareness of the new collective company brand. The products offered spanned drug discovery, drug development, medical devices, and a novel, highly complex concept that had strong potential for a major impact on drug discovery.

As a startup, the company needed to create foundational systems used in contemporary go-to-market (GTM) commercialization. Without customer insights, a GTM strategy, a working database, an optimized website, CRM, automation or current paid advertising, all base systems needed to be built.

The Dig

HM set out to gain vital audience insights and information. HM recommended customer and prospect research as a foundation for all future work.

Research included a web-based focus group and one-on-one interviews to understand customer needs, buyer behavior and how customers preferred to learn about new offerings for drug developers. This work informed brand positioning, product language as well as targeted events, groups and media vehicles.

Awareness Solution

To increase brand awareness, HM created personas to bring clarity to the company’s multiple stakeholders and developed an annual brand awareness plan for greater presence and visibility, through conferences participation, published works, podcasts, and PR thought leadership.

HM developed a unifying brand message and positioning that elevated the offerings and provided a mission-based corporate message in addition to the functional benefits of its products and solutions.

GTM Systems Solution

To accelerate the system build, HM brought in its activation team to vet and populate the database, gain insights, establish prospect outreach and build CRM for tracking downloadable content, leads, forms and meetings. HM created a paid media plan around key customer targets focusing on downloadable content that resonated with prospects.

As a result, engagement increased over 15X and the campaigns delivered  hundreds of downloads with interested customers growing over 2000%. By ensuring forms were tracked, automated and responded to, MQLs went from 0 to over 150 adding new customer contacts and which added $500K in potential pipeline. To ensure the automation system and follow-up became immersed in the organization, HM trained four business units, ensuring system adoption and growth.

Alignment, Website and Messaging Solution

HM worked with company leadership team to align messaging across all products and to ensure web content consistency. HM strengthened engagement by increasing contact forms, improving navigation and contact tracking, and sharpening benefit messaging. As a result, the brand saw a 4X increase in unique visits, 3X increase in time spent, and a 30X increase in new contacts.

To improve messaging for the company’s novel solution, HM repurposed its technical research and developed a Proof-of-Concept overview as high-value content that resonated with the audience, delivering 7X more downloads than any other content.

To accelerate business activation and drive deeper relationships at targets, HM created an account based selling strategy that included quarterly plans to penetrate targets, influencers and cross selling opportunities.

Conclusion: Health Mavens successfully built a brand awareness and engagement foundation for this previously little-known biopharma company; aligned multiple product lines under a unified brand; and developed a GTM strategy that engaged and motivated its target audience to take action.


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