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Quiet hiring: The key to filling growth gaps in your company

By Barb VanSomeren

Just as Quiet Quitting is a reflection of employees feeling disengaged, disconnected and undervalued for their contributions, Quiet Hiring is the newly coined term on the other side of the equation. It reflects lower employer commitment to new hires and filling revolving open positions. Contributing to this phenomenon is the high cost of recruiting and onboarding in an uncertain economy.

Most of us understand that this hasn’t happened overnight. In fact, both trends have been in play for some time. The Quiet Hiring trend refers to expanding company skills by outsourcing to fill gaps. While not a long-term strategy, some companies may also ask employees to take on new roles temporarily. I have seen Quiet Hiring play out as many friends and colleagues opt for free agent work status as freelancers or contractors who juggle a number of client relationships. On the corporate side, hiring a contractor has become easier than justifying, then battling for, additional headcount. And, for startups and scaleups, the need for an agile and customized team is more important than filling titles and roles. All of this adds up to a shift in how leadership and work is deployed in organizations.

At Health Mavens, our lean strategy, research and brand activation teams have served that very purpose. We are Solutioners who engage as consultants, for short and medium terms, rather than as full-time staffers. With three corporate and agency leaders at the helm, we are able to get to strategic gaps, solutions and pivots, allowing our client partners to see impact and growth quickly – no matter what their challenge.

As Quiet Hires, we bring an outside POV to perceived business challenges. And, as outsiders, we often see a mismatch between what a client believes they need, and what their gaps to growth really are. For example, a client may be looking for stronger digital marketing execution but after engaging with us, they discover what they really need first is team alignment and a communication platform that is validated by their customer audience.

Practically speaking, imagine filling a mission critical role with outsourced, strategic senior execs on a fractional basis for a faster, more cost-efficient and need-based solution.

If you are a health and wellness corporate leader with challenges that don’t justify a hiring commitment, let’s connect. We’ll get you the practical solutions you need for growth, without any overhead. 

Here are a few things we have solutioned, so clients can get on with the business of growth:

Strategic Planning

  • Research, analysis and strategic review of the product or service and go-to-market strategy
  • Vetting and honing your communication platform and talk track to the right audience
  • Competitive intel and intellectual honesty on where and how you play 
  • Prioritized positioning, focused communication and sharp benefit messaging
  • Key success elements of your brand, sales and marketing activation strategy
  • Exit pathways and strategies

Execution for Success

  • Setting up database parameters and sales funnel KPIs
  • Vetting marcom technologies and solutions for CRM, automation and other
  • Efficiency benchmarking
  • Marketing team structure and staffing
  • Go-to-market activation and campaign deployment

Connect with us for C-Suite help that gets you to your growth goal faster.